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I Love It

It was a fancy office. With marble flooring and tables made of glass.
High gloss lacquered cabinets and crystal lighting.
Interior Design for rich people. And by rich I mean loaded.

Nervous as hell, wearing my white shiny shoes, I had my job interview with Mister Big Boss.
No proof of any creative skills what-so-ever. No certificates or experience.
Let’s call it bluff or a little miracle but I made it through.
I was selected as their new productmanager.

OMG! I learned how it felt when one finds her (or his) true calling.
As it turns out, my skills were even better than anyone expected.
A natural sense of style, eye for detail and extraordinary materials, fabrics and designs.

Travelling around the globe to combine, select and connect. Interior design made to measure in every way. I loved my job, no doubt. Then life happened. AGAIN.

Something got in the way. Like spinal problems, surgery and recovery.
Forced to change course I decided to follow my heart and use my knowledge, creativity
and strong believes to invest in a green environment to start my own label and design company.
I came across original designs, left-overs and so called “waste” of the interior industry.
Why waste such beautiful materials, fabrics and classics…

My search for natural materials, waste and collaborations with craftsmen and artists took a while.
Investigating if luxury design can be sustainable without compromising on aesthetics, quality and
comfort is not the easiest task.

It resulted in 3 prototypes presented at the Dutch Design Week from 19th till 27th of October.
Hope to see you at Plan B. Certainly a must see location.
This event is the official launch of my company, the label and blog.

Love to take you on my journey to discover the world of design and share my stories.

Design, luxury living and probably hilarious situations.

“I love it when a plan comes together”

– Hannibal, the A-team-


Interior Trash
Interior Trash